Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in the Summer

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof About To Cook to Death

Not to be confused with the famous play created by Tennessee Williams. No, this is a tale into my lucky life with all of my cats. If it wasn’t for bad luck, I might not have any at all, but I guess it’s only fair since I haven’t’ been keeping up with this blog over the summer.

You can imagine my surprise to login after a few months only to realize that I haven’t been on this site since May. Whoa.

Well as I was preparing my thoughts as to how I was going express my frustration that I had with my cat today, I started reading over my last post. It just seems that the irony of the situation would be that the last post that I submitted to the site had to do with my cat getting stuck up a tree. In that post, I talked about how I was lucky enough to be at the mercy of a professional tree care company to help me get my cat down. Well it happened again, and I feel embarrassed to tell you guys but I felt the need to share my experience with everyone who follows along.

My cat got stuck on the roof.

My cat went missing in action for a couple of days and that’s pretty strange because he usually comes home to eat or at least he checks in from time to time to show me that he’s in good shape. But I started get worried after the second night without seeing him and started to look around and call his name in my backyard. No response, and he never showed. I woke up the next morning, very worried, and started calling his name and looking around the bushes in my yard. I did this for a few hours before I finally glanced at the top of my house and realize that my cat was stuck on the roof.

I could see the fear in his eyes. 

I felt helpless because there’s nothing I can do because I don’t own a ladder and my neighbors are out of town and I didn’t have access to use the ladder that’s in their garage. I felt too embarrassed to call the fire department because it didn’t make sense to waste the resources on my cat. And the last thing I wanted to do was waste the time of a tree company by calling them to have my cat removed from my roof.

So I quickly ran to call a friend who breeds cats and raises them to maturity from the time they are born. And she told me to do a couple of things that I decided to share with you at and actually worked. She said that the best way to lure any cat from down from the roof would be to use food as a bait. Any cat will always think with their stomachs before the risk of injury. It’s the lion ancestry in them.

The first thing I did was I grab a can of tuna and some birdseed. 

Birdseed was really just made up of sunflower seeds, Chia seeds, almond seeds, pumpkin seeds, and a few other grains and oats.

  • I sprinkle these along the floor and threw them up in the air so that landed on the roof and close enough to where the cat could smell food in the air.
  • Next, I made sure to pour a lot more of the seed mixture on the floor where the cat could make eye contact with me and I noticed immediately that bird started flocking toward the area. This attracted the cats attention and I could immediately see the desire for him to get down.
  • Next I opened up the can of tuna, and threw chunks of it closer to the cat. I walked around towards the side of the fence where I could climb up and grab the side of the roof. It was at that point if the cat realized that he was not as high as he thought and started to ease his way down closer to me. Carefully, and literally pussyfooting each step, my cat finally got in position for me to reach him bring him down.

It may sound easy, but be patient. This process took about an hour of work and considering that it was almost 100° outside today, it felt like an eternity. But the moral of the story is, buy a latter keep one handy if you have a cat and be ready to appeal to your cats animals instincts. Using food or any type of bait to trap is the number one way to get your cat back down to the floor so you can get them in the house and keep them indoors for the night.

Story time

We are back with one more post for everybody to hear. Today we will be sharing something different to our usual blog posts. We will be telling a story about how a few of our cats got stuck in a tree.

It was a warm spring day on a Thursday afternoon and all three of us were taking our cats on a walk through the park. We know it sounds weird that we can take our cats on the box but cats need exercise to you know. all three of us were taking our cats on a walk through the park. We know it sounds weird that we can take our cats on the box but cats need exercise too you now. Anyway, getting back on track, we were going to the park and we had about 12 cats with us. All of a sudden, a dog jumped out and scared the hell out of all 12 cats. Responding out of fear, all of the cats ran up the tallest tree that happens to be 100 feet away from us. We were all baffled as to why all these cats ran up the tree because it was only a friendly Labrador trying to say hello to the kitties, not eat them or something crazy like that.

We found it very frustrating that the cats did this because once they go up they do not come down. We tried everything you can do to get a catalog of the tree. One of us tried climbing up the tree to grab them and that was not his success because none of us are athletically inclined. And we also tried walking over to the house and grabbing a ladder to grab the cats out but when we tried to grab them they just ran further up the tree.

After an endless nightmare of trying to get these cats out of the tree for hours, we were ready to give up. We had been exhausted because we could not find a single thing that would work. All of a sudden though a man came running up and he said, “looks like you got a few cats stuck up in a tree.” And then the man proceeded on to saying well I’m with a tree service company here in Pasadena California and I can get your cats out of that tree. We were ecstatic to hear something like this and we’re so thankful that things had finally decided to work out in our favor.

The man’s name was Ed and he was very helpful. He called one of his crew members and had them come out to remove the cats for us. He made this very easy and he did it free of charge. What he and the experts at Pasadena tree service did for us was amazing and we will forever be grateful. Give them some love and support and go check them out at These guys were definitely nice, and had warm hearts. Even our terrified cats who had ran from us a few hours ago, we now being nice, and cooperative with the guys who had climbed the tree. That means a lot, if cats can sense that a person is okay, then you know its legit. Animals don’t lie.

Breeding cats

Hello  everybody, today we will be sharing with you information on how to breed cats properly. There are many different factors to  The equation when breeding cats.  We will be sharing each factor in detail with you below.

Black cat

  1.   You want the female cat to be fully grown before breeding-if the female cat is too young before breeding it can be harmful to their bodies because they are not ready. You want to wait till your cat is about 18 to 24 months old before you decide to breed. It’s just like a human, you want to make sure that their reproductive organs are 100% ready and fully developed to handle babies.
  2.  The male cat needs to be fully grown-just like the The female, the mail needs to be at least 18 months old as well so you know that he is potent enough to effectively create a litter. If you do this prior, you will just be wasting your time and get frustrated.
  3.  Be careful when mixing breeds-everybody likes to create a new breed of animal by crossing different species, but this can sometimes be very dangerous. Some species of cats are not meant to be mixed. If the wrong jeans are put together then you can end up creating a very ugly breed of cat or they will not successfully mix and the whole litter will die. The cats themselves will be fine but you will not get the dream litter that you want.
  4. pick your breed of cat out- when breeding cats, you want to be very prepared and know what kind of results you want to get it. Go to your local vet, shelter, or pet store and pick up a Mail of one brain and a female of another and  raise them from a very young age. When you have these two different types of cats growing up together, they will be very comfortable around each other after they are the age to breed which will give you the purest litter.  You do not want your female cat to be scarred because she wasn’t comfortable with anything that went on with the male cat. When you raise them together they get to know each other and then naturally the breeding process will happen. Breeding is not something you want to force on two animals, it can be very emotionally scarring.
  5.  When picking up a female cat to breed you want to make sure that she is the type of cut that is meant to breed successfully. Not all the lines are meant to have babies.  What we mean by this is that not every cat in the litter was born to have kids. There are only a select few tests you’ll find out of each breed that was born   With a reproductive system that is strong enough to hold a litter. If you try to  breed a litter of cats and you use a female that doesn’t have a strong enough reproductive system, she will oftentimes end up dying in the process.

Those are just a few of the factors you want to think about when breeding cats, there are many more things to focus on as well.  Once again, we hope that you were able to take something

The Four Best Breeds

In today’s blogpost we will be going over our favorite types of cats. We have taken the time to put together a list of The top five breeds that we think make great pets.


  1. The tabby cat-this cat makes a great house pet because they are very dossil and they absolutely love people. This type of cat is very friendly with your friends and family. They do very well with strangers. We love this cat so much because of how pretty it is it’s like you mixed a tiger and a Jaguar, then made it mini. This is a very energetic type of cat that loves to play so be aware that sometimes they might keep you up at night from their running around. Even though they are very energetic they make great lap cats as well. The tub he is also very good at hunting so if you have a mouse problem it won’t be a problem for much longer. This is just a great cat overall.
  2. Bengal cat-this is like a mini version of a bangle tiger. These cuts are very energetic and love to play just like tigers do. You can expect a discount to be very loving and loyal towards you. One problem though is that they are not so good with strangers because they are very attached to their owner. One good thing about that though is if this cat sees you being harmed, it will go in defense mode for you and try and scare away the opposing force. This can often times gets annoying though because they might hit set your guess select which will scare them. Just like the tabby this cat is also a very good hunter and will bring you nice little presents sometimes.
  3. The sphinx cat-this is a very odd looking breed of cat but that is what makes it so intriguing. They have very weird behaviors as well and they are sometimes very mean to people they don’t like. But there is something that stands out about this type of cat. It’s really because of the way they look. People by the sphinx cat because they use it sort of as like a show off. Now they can tell their friends look what kind of cat I have. Very beautiful type of cat because they have a lot less for than all the other species but there are a lot of great things about these cats as well. For one you don’t have to wash them because they’re very good at cleaning himself’s, and two: they don’t tend to eat much so the food bill will not be very high
    British shorthair-this is a very unique type of pet cat given their very yellow eyes and dark gray fur. There one of the better looking types of cats you can pick up because the color of the Furrer is so different than every other kind of there. If you want to cat that is really going to stand out and then this is the type to get. This is a very friendly and loving type of pet that is going to be very loyal to you. They are easy cats to train and you can even train them how to use a regular toilet so that you won’t even have to scoop the litter box.? So if you’re looking for a low maintenance, beautiful, and very friendly pet then this is the type of cat you need to buy.
  4. Persian-last but not least we have the Persian cat. This is perhaps the most beautiful cat in The world. It’s vibrant white coat is stunning to look at. Don’t even get us started about the feel and texture of its coat as well. Ease cats have the absolute softest for you’ve ever touched. On top of being beautiful these cats are the friendliest creatures you’ll ever come face-to-face with. They absolutely love people and it actually might get annoying sometimes because they Will follow you everywhere. So if you’re looking for a cat that is utterly loyal and absolutely stunning in the Persian cat is the one to go with.

We hope you enjoyed what we had to share about our top five pick up cats and hope that we might’ve just encourage you to go pick one up yourself.

How to properly care for a cat

This topic may seem like a no-brainer but it is actually something that a lot of people don’t do the right way.  There are many different aspects when it comes to taking care of those kittens. You have things like scooping the litter, feeding them on time, making sure they get enough time outside, giving them water,  making sure their entertained etc.   you want to make sure you were hitting all of  these aspects and that’s why we will go into them in detail with you.


  1.   Scooping litter-this is something that a lot of people don’t want to do because it’s time-consuming, but it is something that has to be done every single day.  If you scoop on a daily basis it is going to make things a lot easier because it will not build up. If you were somebody who does not want to deal with manually scooping it although there are automatic cat litter boxes that will pick up for you. The only downside is that these cost a lot of money, if you have the money this is a great thing.
  2.  Watering your cat-if you want to make sure that you are feeling your cats water bowl every day as well, they have to drink two to survive.   It will vary between cat to cat because some don’t drink as much and some drink a lot of water. Just like a litter box though you can have automatic water dispensers too.  go and pick one up, they have devices that will circulate the water constantly filtering it so that you never have to change the bowl.
  3.  Feeding the kitty-this might sound crazy, but a lot of people forget to feed their cats on time. You have to remember that these animals can go  hungry as well. Domesticated cats don’t have the same instincts that wild animals do, so don’t expect them to be able to go out and fend for themselves because they will die if you think that.   To ensure that your cat eats the right amount and does not become overweight, we recommend that you feed your cat once a day with a larger amount. If you are the lazy type though and you don’t want to feed your cat a no then you can just purchase and automatic feeder. These are so simple because all you do is fill it up once a week and it will dispense food as the cat desires. One big downside of this though is that your cat has a chance to get really fat.
  4.  Getting time outside-remember that cats do you derive from wild animals so they do have certain instincts. In that case you want to make sure that your cat is getting plenty of time outside so that they are not shut inns.  To make this the easiest we recommended that you install a cat door so that they can come and go as they please. It can get really annoying having to open the door for the cat every five minutes  because cats have a one track mind and they will go back-and-forth multiple times.  On top of that your cat will be able to go outside while you are at work.

Would like to think our best buddies over at for helping us out.

Keep your eyes peeled for more articles coming soon!

Post number one

Welcome to our first post.

This blog has been created and managed by three women who are cat lovers. If you want to know a bit more about our story then visit this section of the site.

  • This new blog we have started is all about cats. We will be sharing information with you about the different types of cats, recent news about cats, advice on how to take care of cats, and much more.
  • We created this blog because we like to consider ourselves as cat experts and we would like to educate other people on them. Cats are our passion, and we think that they are some of the most beautiful creatures on this planet. We love how many different breeds of cats there are. There is everything from a tabby to a Siberian tiger. It’s crazy how many different sizes cats range from as well. They start from being just the size of a human hand to being 8 feet tall when standing on the heir hind legs. If you are looking for an animal that is going to love you more than anything and you want a variety to choose from, than a cat is what you need.

A couple reasons why you should get a cat.

  • They are cute – We think house cats are just the cutest animals around. They are nice, loving, and very loyal. If you treat a cat right they will be your best friend forever.
  • A cat will take care of a mouse problem – If you live in a home that has a rodent problem then a cat is what you need.
  • In addition to being cute and fuzzy, cats are very good hunters and will catch all the rats and mice around the premises. Rodents are bad because they can chew through your furniture, chew through your wall, and do many other terrible things to your home so you want to get rid of them.

We hope you enjoyed our first post on cats and wish that you come back soon more more posts coming. We will be posting daily with all of your favorite cat facts, tutorials, and news so stay tuned.